The Step-By-Step System to Success In Real Estate Wholesaling ...

Taught by a Licensed Instructor & Experienced Investor

Gain an Unfair Advantage in Your Real Estate Business

There is nothing that will save you time, money, and frustration like starting out on the right foot.
If you get the knowledge and insight that you need from the start, you will be miles ahead of your competition.

They will be back in the dust, trying hopelessly to get the training they need by attending endless meetings and seminars, paying ridiculous prices for untested programs that will take them months to implement.

You have an opportunity today to get a jump start on your real estate wholesaling career.

You’ll learn what you need, and only what you need to MAKE MONEY in real estate. 

You will also SAVE MONEY, because you won’t be paying for celebrity endorsements or fluff.

You won’t learn dry theory or half-baked ideas. You’ll learn from the ground up everything you need to wholesale properties in your area.

You’ll learn how to... 

Understand Deals.
There are many ways you can make money on a property. You will learn how to spot the opportunities that others miss and maximize your profits.

Understand Contracts.
The hallmark trait of any good wholesaler of investor is a solid understanding of contract clauses.

Value Property.
One of the biggest obstacles for new wholesalers is being able to put a value on a property. They must guess at it, and their values are subject to doubt and sarcasm from older investors. You’ll learn to value property using the same methods that professional appraisers use. This will allow you to back up your values with factual data and prove yourself at once.

Find a Target Market.
By learning to laser focus on the areas that have the highest chances for distressed homes and owners, you will save effort and money on advertising. 

Market on a Budget .
Speaking of Money! No one likes to throw hundreds, if not thousands of dollars down the drain on huge marketing campaigns that only supply a few leads at best. This course will teach you ways to find motivated sellers that most people never think of and contact them for pennies.

Set Appointments and Meet with Sellers.
No marketing campaign has value if you don’t know how to work the phone. You will learn how to talk to potential sellers, determine motivation, shut down time wasters, and get the appointment. Then you’ll learn what to do when you get to the appointment. What to say, where to sit, and how to speak. Everything that you need to make that good first impression, gain their trust, and put them at ease.

Negotiate with Sellers.
Now that you are sitting down with the sellers, you’ll be happy that you learned to negotiate in a way that allows you to make low offers while still maintaining their trust. You’ll learn what to say, and what “magic” to use to get the contract signed.

Find an Assignee.
You may find a deal so good that you want to keep it, but if not, you’ll know how to find a buyer for your assignment of contract quickly and easily.

Negotiate with Assignees.
Negotiating with a crusty old rehabber with 20+years in the game can feel a little daunting at first, but if you follow this program to the letter, you can maintain a position of power and control over the prospective buyers and have them begging for your assignment.

Get the Deal Closed.
Now we get down to it. Without a closing, no one gets paid. You’ll learn how to shepherd the deal right up to the closing table and keep control of the deal along the way.

As you can see, everything you need is here!

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The Step-by-Step Guide to Your First Closing!

What's Included!

The Complete Online Course - $1497.00 Value 

Includes all modules in video and MP3 format. Downloadable forms and PDFs. 

Two 30-minute Coaching Calls - $300 Value 

Two coaching calls with me to help you assess your market and set your game plan. Additional calls available separately. 

The Pro Assignment Contract Package - $500 Value 

Created by Attorney Marc Feldman, PA, this assignment package works with your local purchase contract to put you in control of the deal and keep you in control right up through closing.

I work one-on-one with my students to give them the best chance of success!
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